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 SRSLY. It was like, summer five weeks ago, and then, BAM, AUTUMN. The only thing I like about cold weather is that I can wear nicer clothes. That's it.

 It's now getting dark at about 06:00PM, and soon, it'll be getting dark at 05:00PM, because that's just how the colder seasons roll here in the UK.

A list of things for me to look forward to so I can feel at least slightly optimistic:
~ London MCM October Expo.
~ Halloween- which is on the same day as October Expo ;;
~ Christmas. Which is in freaking December.
~ Weekends.
~ The days which are nearer to Christmas- general happier mood.
~ The begininning of the days when my mother will decide that it's about time we turned the heating on.
~ Nothing else.

A list of things for me to dread so I can feel even more pessimistic:
~ Upcoming exams, and a lot of them.
~ Colder weather.
~ Extra revision classes 2/5 days after school until the exams actually take place.

Still, my shorter pessimistic list amounts to about as much impact on my mood as my optimistic one D:

If that makes any sense at all.


Oct. 2nd, 2010


CLAMP's Gate 7 is gonna be released on November 4th!!
I have waited... like, two years for this. I have been ever so patient.

CLAMP. DELIVER YOUR AWESOME. let there be BL oh please you know you want to the other two main characters are boys right yes of course they must be absolutely.

Because CLAMP-boy-love is my favourite type of boy love.


Wonder if anyone will lose an eye this time round.


I went to a maths session today, and kind of regretted it, because I was one of the two people who showed up. And then the maths tutor said something that hurt my feelings forever.

Teacher: We could study fractions... but, then, no-one likes fractions, do they, so boring...

I cried tears of blood.


We ended up doing surds. )':

London MCM Expo is in a month, but I'll only be able to go one day... ah well, I only really want to get a few photos and waste my money, so it should be fine~ 

My cat just walked in. CAT, I CANNOT GIVE YOU ATTENTION 24/7, GO AWAY.
I love this AMV.

And I love this couple. My official hetero OTP.

Princess Tutu is badass.

The Catcher in the Rye and my Broken Bed.

Reading The Catcher in the Rye in English at school. Holden reminds me of someone fictional, but I can't work out who... ;; I'm enjoying it so far, though. I think. I'm interested as to what's going to happen at the end~ /trying not to spoil it for herself ;u;

A friend broke my bed. I'm not going to get over that for a long time.

Also, isn't a second season of 07-Ghost coming out soon? /dies

Pasta for dinner~

Summer <3

I can't wait for the summer holidays to beginnn~
Still have a mock Spanish exam before the end of the week, but hey, it's a mock, I can fail as much as I like.
Then I have my birthday on the 16th July...
The weather's wonderful, too... and my house won the school sports day. Not that I really give a flying crap, I never got into the whole house patriotism thing XD Didn't stop people painting red stripes on my face though... (Red's our house colour.)

Comic Con on the 17th!! I'll be looking out for nendroids and the 2nd Tsubasa artbook. I want it so bad, it's not even funny.

London MCM Expo May 2010!

London expo was last weekend, and much win, it was.

Imma gonna post some photos now, lol.

Click here for photos~Collapse )

For the sake of remaining active...

Yes, for the sake of remaining active, I shall post something.
Uh, I got into 07-Ghost about a month ago, and I'm pretty damn obsessed with it now~

Well, I think it's awesome. I'm almost tempted to head back to church on a weekly basis...XD I'm already shipping Frau x Teito, because you can't tell me that all those comprimising positions they ended up in weren't supposed to imply SOMETHING. It's my ideal shota pairing~

Also, just like the rest of the planet, I'm hooked on Durarara!!. I got into the series the second I saw the fan-arts, so I wasn't one of those people who sat there wondering what the big fuss was about XD

I'm not as into Hetalia as I used to be, but I still love it~ I don't think I could ever hate Hetalia.
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle has come back to conquer my life, Hetalia briefly overtook it on my rankings...

Aaaand, my computer's totally spazzing lately.

EXPO THIS MONTH. This would be my fourth expo... I still remember the first~ *Fond memories*
And the elections tomorrow.

It's freezing in here....


I know no-one will read this, but...

I was one of the first to comment on Inma's LJ journal, and got a request~ *Is very happy*

As a result, I have to repost this:

The first five people to comment in this post get to request that I draw a doodle of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

Even if you read this three years after it was posted... ^^;;
Requests, everyone.


Liking Pairings for the Hell of it???!

I was on DA the other day... as I am every day (=_=;; And read someone's journal, where it said, "As a new year's resolution, I think we should all try to join the community of a pairing we wouldn't normally support, just to be flexible."
Why bother joining a community for a pairing you don't like? What's the point? So I kind of put this point forward, and the writer accuses me of lacking skill and being unaccepting of diversity! O_O 
 Well, I'm sorry, but I support the pairings I support, and I'm not going to go force myself on the ones I never cared for!

Ffff. Short rant.